Different Massage For Men in Abu Dhabi

Most men follow hectic schedules which may adversely impact their health. The male body is different from that of females and lack of relaxation, tense muscles and persistent stress may increase the risk of various kinds of physical and psychological issues in men. The male body hence needs relaxation which can be provided by various types of massage therapies. They can relieve stress, improve blood flow and boost physical and mental health in men. The various types of massage therapies which can benefit men include:

Swedish massage

This massage therapy focuses on providing relaxation to the body. It is one of the best massage for men Abu Dhabi. The technique involves manipulation of muscles using long gliding strokes. The strokes are performed in the same direction as that of the blood flow. In this way, it also helps in relieving stress, improves circulation and flexibility, decreases the toxins in the muscles and increases the oxygen levels in blood.


Research has proved that Swedish massage leads to decrease in the level of cortisol which is the stress hormone. In addition, it also leads to an increase in white blood cells. The white blood cells form the immune system. An enhancement in them hence helps to boost immunity. The Swedish massage uses techniques like stretching, bending, tapping and kneading for the maximum benefits. You can book a Abu Dhabi men massage to realize the benefits of this therapy.

Deep Tissue massage

The therapy is quite similar to the technique of Swedish massage. It involves application of deep pressure which helps in release of chronic muscle tension. It focuses on the deep layers of fascia, tendons and muscle tissue. In this way, the therapy helps in reducing stress and provides relaxation by triggering serotonin and oxytocin release. The therapy is popular in the category of men massage in Abu Dhabi for the benefits it provides.

Cranial Sacral therapy

This is an immensely popular massage for men abu dhabi. The noninvasive therapy focuses on the sacrum, spinal column and head. Compression is released in these areas to provide relief from pain and stress. It is an effective therapy for treating stress, migraines and sleep disorders.

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